Monday, December 12, 2016

Criminal Defense Attorney for College Students

I am a Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney who represents college students charged with crimes such as DUI, Public Intox., and Possession.
Having worked with many college students and professionals such as Doctors and Nurses who have been charged with crimes which could jeopardize their college education and professional career, I understand how important it is for my clients to receive the best possible outcome available and one that will not damage their record.  For this reason, I work closely with my clients to develop a strategy that will assist in receiving an outcome most favorable to them.
If you are a college student or recent graduate who is just starting your professional career and you have been charged with a crime, don't take the chance of harming your future by proceeding without an Attorney or at least consulting with one first.  Your future is too important; contact me to discuss your situation.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

How Philly Has Decriminalized Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

On October 26th WTAE published an article (Arrests down sharply since marijuana law change | Local News - WTAE Home) reporting on a decrease in the number of arrests Philadelphia has seen since their new law was enacted decriminalizing possession of small amounts of Marijuana.

So although possession of the drug is still illegal in the city, those found with 30 grams/or a little more than 1 ounce will receive a citation and a $25 fine.  Public use of small amounts results in a citation, a $100 fine or up to nine hours of community service.

Could a change in Pittsburgh's Drug Laws be coming next???

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Allegheny County contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation. 

- Aimee, Paralegal to Attorney Paletta

Paletta Law

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Com v. A.N. (Drug Charges)

Commonwealth v. A.N.  (Trial/Motion to Suppress)

Charge/Violation:     1 count - Criminal Use of Communication Facility - Felony 3

                        2 counts –Pos. with Intent to Deliver Controlled Substance–                                               2 - Felony charges

                                    1 count – Pos. of a Controlled Substance - Misdemeanor

                                    1 count - Criminal Conspiracy - Felony

Case Facts:  With the use of a Confidential Informant, Police allege that Defendant possessed with the intent to deliver, and in fact delivered, controlled substances (approximately 90 "OXYCODONE" pills)  to a Police Officer.  If convicted, Defendant would face a mandatory "jail-time" sentence.   

Verdict:  Attorney Paletta filed numerous Omnibus Pretrial Motions including a Motion to Suppress, alleging that the arrest of Defendant was unlawful and any evidence seized (controlled substances) or statements made by Defendant as a result, be suppressed.  Attorney Paletta also filed a Motion to Disclose Identity of Confidential Informant and Compel Appearance, requesting that the Commonwealth disclose the identity of the Confidential Informant and failure to do so would violate Defendant's constitutional right to confront witnesses against him.

The Commonwealth agreed to work out a plea bargain with Attorney Paletta for Defendant to plead guilty to certain charges that would only carry a sentence of 5 years probation and NO JAIL TIME .  In exchange for the guilty plea, ALL OTHER CHARGES AGAINST DEFENDANT WERE WITHDRAWN.